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Heart Disease & Overweight

Heart Disease Research

If you have heart disease & are overweight, you may qualify for one of our studies.

Qualified volunteers may receive at no cost:
  • investigational medication
  • study-related care from a local doctor
  • possible compensation
Health insurance isn’t required to participate.

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Insomnia Research Study

We are conducting a new research study for individuals who are experiencing insomnia. The purpose of this phase 3 study is to find out if the investigational drug is well tolerated and effective in promoting sleep onset and/or sleep maintenance. 
You may be eligible if you:
•Are 65 years of age, or older
•Have insomnia

The following will exclude you from this research study:
•Sleep Apnea
•Heavy tobacco use (1 pack or more per day)
•Night shift work during the study period
There are additional criteria to meet to qualify for this study. Volunteers who qualify for our study will receive study related medication and medical exams at no cost, as well as reimbursement for time and travel. No health insurance is required to participate. 
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Statin Intolerance

Statin Intolerance Research Study

We are seeking volunteers for a research study to evaluate an investigational medication for individuals unable to take medications called statins without side effects.
You may be eligible if:

  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You are statin intolerant  

There are additional study requirements to qualify for participation.
Participants who qualify will receive study related medication and medical exams at no cost. Qualified participants will receive compensation for time and travel. 
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(904) 621-0390
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