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Clinical trials move medicine forward. Sponsors, such as pharmaceutical companies, governments and foundations fund medical research. Patients who participate in clinical research receive many advantages including treatment at no cost, access to expertise and resources such as expensive tests. Research volunteers shape the future and can have fun while helping others and themselves.


As a premier clinical research organization, we have conducted more than 1,000 clinical trials over 20 years and have worldwide recognition for providing patients access to cutting edge medical research. If you have a medical issue and want a research solution, or if you are a healthy volunteer, come visit our center and learn more. One of our experts will be happy to evaluate you.

Shape the Future

Clinical research is a process that gives back. Volunteers generate information that improves future health care outcomes for everyone.

Find relief with new treatments

Volunteers join research to seek relief from affliction and to better understand their conditions with support from our caring team.

Programs Offer Resources or Pay

Study participants receive medical tests, services, counseling and treatment at no charge. These measures may be unavailable to the general public!

We do research in many areas


How did you sleep last night? 
If you are having trouble staying asleep at night, you may qualify for a research study of an investigational medication.


You may be eligible if:

· You are a male age 65 or older or a female age 55 or older

· You have trouble sleeping at least 3 times per week and for at least 3 months 
There are additional study requirements to qualify for participation. Qualified participants may receive study-related drug and medical exams. Qualified participants may receive compensation for time and travel. 
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C. Diff Vaccine

C. Diff Prevention Vaccine Research Study

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Cindy Buda

"I do my part by managing the Fleming Island Office of Encore Research." On a daily basis I work as a Research Nurse Manager of our Fleming Island site supporting the Physician Investigators and staff in conducting clinical trials being carried out in our office. I am an original "Cheese Head" born in Green Bay Wisconsin and transplanted to Central Florida at the age of 10. I moved to Jacksonville for college and made Jacksonville my home. My greatest accomplishment is my four children. I enjoy family, cycling, travel and fishing.

Karen Schuran

“I LOVE to shop!  I would shop all the time if I could!” says Karen Schuran, who earns her shopping money by being the Research Assistant and Lab Processor at Fleming Island Center for Clinical Research. Karen has been a member of our research family for 10 years and continues to be a valuable asset to the company.
She and her husband are celebrating their 25th Anniversary of marriage this month. They have two children, a daughter and a son. Karen is also “Grandma” to a cute, fuzzy bunny named Snoopy.
Karen’s favorite sport is football, which she has been learning more about so she can keep up with the men in the house. She also likes to watch game shows like Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy, but Karen admits her real guilty pleasure is horror movies. “I absolutely LOVE horror movies, the scarier the better!”

Dr. Mitchell Rothstein

Dr. Mitchell Rothstein is a Clinical Research Investigator at our Fleming Island research site and he has been with us for 5 years now. In February 2017, we are happy to say that Dr. Rothstein also became our new Phase 1 Medical Director at our Jacksonville University research site. We consider him an all-star at ENCORE Research Group, not only did he perform the first endobronchial stent in Jacksonville, but he also lettered in gymnastics in college. Which is probably why he handles working at two locations with ease.

In his free time, he collects animation art, especially the work of Chuck Jones, the famous Looney Tunes animator. Dr. Rothstein is a major sports fan. He loves watching mixed martial arts and is an Olympics sports addict. He is also a fan of the Jacksonville Jaguars, the New York Mets and the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp, our minor-league baseball team in Jacksonville.

While Dr. Rothstein has some downtime, he enjoys eating, he calls himself a ‘happy carnivore’! Some of his favorite TV shows to watch are: Fargo, Billions, Jeopardy, and Snapped. All in all, we’re glad we have Dr. Rothstein as part of our ENCORE Research team and we’re excited to see what he accomplishes with us in the years to come. 

Lastest Blog Post:

Dr. Alpa Patel Talks About PAD

Dr. Alpa Patel Talks About PAD (Peripheral Arterial Disease)
Dr. Alpa Patel has been an investigator with Jacksonville Center for Clinical Research since 2008.  Here she explains our new enrolling study for PAD (Peripheral Artery Disease).

“ We have a very exciting new study that will be enrolling for patients with PAD, also called peripheral arterial disease or peripheral vascular disease. This disease affects approximately 10 million people in the United States or about 150 million people worldwide.  It is a circulatory problem where the extremities – usually the legs – don’t receive enough blood flow. Many of the people experience pretty significant pain in their calves with walking.  Symptoms can include painful cramping in legs, numbness or weakness, coldness in lower leg or foot, hair loss and shiny skin on the legs, or weak pulses in the legs.  Peripheral arterial disease can progress to pain even at rest.  One’s quality of life is greatly reduced as a result of this pain.  Some of these people also develop chronic wounds that can progress to amputations.  It is a disorder that needs a better course of treatment.  Current standard of care therapy doesn’t work for everyone and not everyone is a subject to undergo invasive procedures. 

The new study involves a monoclonal antibody which works by reducing the inflammation in the vasculature of these patients, leading to better blood flow in their legs and increased capacity for exercise.  This can be critically significant from a quality of life aspect as they become more active and more mobile, improving their overall health.  

This new monoclonal antibody would be in addition to their current standard of care to treat diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia.  Many of these PAD patients have these risk factors and the current medications that they are on (statins, aspirin, Plavix, etc) would be continued.  The study medication would be given and we will monitor to see if there are improvements in their symptoms and their exercise tolerance.
We are very fortunate to have this product being studied at our site and we hope to bring relief to many of our patients who have PAD who have had procedures done or who have been on treatment and still remain symptomatic.  This may be another option to improve their symptoms as well as their functional exercise capacity. 

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